Financial Aid

Grants and WorkStudy

Federal Pell Grants

Any student entering post-high school education is eligible to apply for a Pell grant. This program requires application each year, and grant amounts are calculated according to federal guidelines.

Although the student will be paid the Pell grant through the school, eligibility and the actual amount of the award are determined by the United States Department of Education. The financial aid officer at the school cannot make any adjustments to a Pell grant beyond those allowed by the government.

Financial need is determined on the basis of a formula developed annually by the United States Department of Education and reviewed by Congress. The formula is applied consistently to all applicants and takes into account indicators of financial strength such as income, assets, family size, etc.

The formula uses the information provided on the application to produce an effective family contribution. The number is not a dollar figure, but is used, along with the cost of attendance and enrollment status, to determine the actual amount of the grant.

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Native American students applying for scholarships, grants, and other assistance should contact the Financial Aid office for information.

In most cases, the student is required to complete a tribal/agency application and an application for Title IV aid.

Students need to apply early in order to meet Native American agency deadline dates-some as early as March 15 prior to the fall semester and October 1 prior to the spring semester. Information is available through the Financial Aid office.

Oklahoma Tuition Aid Grant (OTAG)
The Oklahoma Legislature appropriates money that is added to federal funds to provide grants to Oklahoma students. A family income scale has been designated by the Legislature as the method used to determine grant amounts. Full and part-time students apply through the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) by releasing the information to the state agency.
OTAG is part of LEAP (leveraging Educational Assistance Partnership) and is funded by the federal government and state.

Federal Supplemental Opportunity Education Grant (SEOG)
As with other grants a student must have demonstrated exceptional need. The first deadline for consideration is July 1. All verification should be complete prior to that date.


Federal College Work-Study Program

Application for part-time employment by the college under this program should be made to the Financial Aid office. Eligibility depends on demonstrated need determined through an acceptable needs analysis method (FAFSA). The amount paid is at least the current federal minimum wage.

Work Study Application


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