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Physical Plant


Campus Security - (580) 481-0480

Photo Last (Email) First (Website) Job Title Location Phone
Photo of Ginger Hill Hill Ginger Physical Plant Coordinator LRTC115 (580) 477-7727
Photo of Doyle Jencks Jencks Doyle Director of Physical Plant LRTC-115 (580) 477-7736
Photo of Benjamin Lester Lester Benjamin Maintenance V-4 (580) 477-7727
Photo of Randy Marceleno Marceleno Randy Lead Floor Tech LRTC-115 (580) 477-7727
Photo of Mary-Ann Perez Perez Mary-Ann Lead Custodian LRTC 115 (580) 477-7727
Photo of David Philpott Philpott David Maintenance V-4
Photo of Jimmy Poe Poe Jimmy Safety & Security Coordinator B-2 (580) 477-7945
Photo of Cullen Sanders Sanders Cullen Safety & Security/Surplus B-2 (580) 477-7939