Summer Session

Summer Session

Welcome to the Western Oklahoma State College Summer Session Website. These classes are equivalent to the same courses taught during the regular semester and can be transferred to most institutions of higher education. These classes are equivalent to a whole semester of class work but in a 21 day format.


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Summer Session  --  July 18th - Aug 7th
Enrollment Deadline -- 11:59pm CST July 17th
 Course & Book List


You may take one course in a Summer Session term and no exceptions can be made.  Each course costs $501.75. This does not include books.  New students must fill out the application form .  A $20 non-refundable application processing fee is charged. Students must pay their full balance by midnight the day they enroll or they will be dropped from the class.

Textbooks are needed for some of the Summer Session courses. You can order your textbooks from the Western Oklahoma State College Bookstore.

All courses are online and 3 credit hours. No campus visits are required. All students will need access to the internet, a valid email address, and should be motivated self-starters as these courses have a semester of course work constrained to 21 days. Proctoring is required for certain exams and it will be the student's obligation to be prepared for this. Western utilizes Proctoru for exams.

These courses will be listed on your Western Summer 2024 transcripts! Unofficial transcripts are available on Campus Connect as soon as grades are posted. Official transcripts will be available after the session is complete and grades are moved to transcripts.



You may enroll in up to 9 credit hours at Western before you submit your official high school transcript,  official college transcripts and official testing (ACT, SAT, COMPASS) as long as you do not plan to enroll in any English, math or science courses. You are only allowed to enroll in 1 Summer Session course.  Please visit Western's Official Transcript Request page.

If you should ever exceed 9 credit hours or need to enroll in an English, math or science, you will be required to have all official documents (including testing) on file in the Admissions Office at Western before you can enroll or receive a transcript.

You will need to have appropriate testing scores on file in the  Admissions Office at Western if you wish to enroll in any English, math  or science courses or exceed the 9 hours.

When you submit ACT or SAT scores, you will need to meet or exceed  the required scores to clear your high school curricular deficiencies.   (See college catalog for details.)  If you do not meet or exceed those required scores, you  would be required to take appropriate ACCUPLACER testing and enroll in the required developmental course/s at that time.

Developmental coursework must be completed within the first 24 attempted hours of college work.

For more information on if you are ready to take an online course, please complete the Learner Readiness Tool.




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