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Winter Session

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All courses are web-based and are worth 3 credit hours.  

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Proctored Exams

ARTS 1213 Art Appreciation Understanding Art   Fichner-Rathus   11th Ed   ISBN: 9781285859293 $49.42 1 - $23.75 Art Appreciation - The study of art from a variety of different backgrounds and cultures as both product and process. Aesthetic judgement making in evalutaion of art from different times and places is stressed. (GE,H,LAS)
HIST 1493 American History ( 1865 to Present) The Unfinished Nation: A Concise History of the American People     Brinkley 10th Ed          ISBN: 9781264309214 $66.66 1 - $23.75 American History - A survey of American History 1865 to Present. (G,LAS)
HPER 1953 Introduction to Health, Physical Eduation, and Recreation Intro to Phy Ed, Ed Science, & Sport    Lumpkin 11th Ed    9781260253184

$66.66 1 - $23.75
Intro to Health, PE, & Recreation - History, philosophy, current practices and opportunities in the field of Health, Physical Education, and Recreation. (LAS)
HPER 2013 Sports Officiating I

Non-Bookstore Materials provided in course

$0.00 1 - $23.75 Sports Officiating I - Study of interpretation of rules and practice in officiating at football, soccer, volleyball, and swimming events including tournaments and meets.
PSYC 1113 Introduction to Psychology Essentials of Psychology   Frranzio  7th Ed   9781517811518 $49.00 1 - $23.75 Introduction to Psychology - A survey of the major areas of study in psychology such as motivation, learning, physiology, personality, social psychology, industrial-organizational psychology, perception, cognition, abnormal behavior and treatment. (GE, LAS)
SPCH 1113 Public Speaking Non-Bookstore Materials provided in course

$0.00 $0.00 Public Speaking - Principles and techniques of preparing for, participating in, and evaluating communication behavior at the interpersonal and public levels. (GE, LAS)
POLS 1113 Federal Government Looseleaf for We the People                  Patterson  14th Ed     9781260395914

$72.8 2 - $47.50 American Federal Government - Studies of the principles, structure, processes and functions of the United States Federal Government. (GE, LAS)
AGRI 1243 Agriculture Internship Non-Bookstore Materials provided in course
$0.00 $0.00 Agriculture Internship - Career-oriented learning experiences that complement and enhance formal classroom training. A structured intern program with a business or organiztion involved in the production, processing, distribution, regulation, or oversight of agricultural and food products, services, or related resources.
MUSI 1133 Music Appreciation Connect Master:Maestro for Music App         McGraw Hill              9781259661044 $107.48 1- $23.75 Music Appreciation - A study of the basic elements of music to encourage the enjoyment and appreciation of the various styles and periods of music history. Includes listending to recordings of music and attending musical performances. (GE,H,LAS)


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