Winter Session

Winter Session

Detailed Instructions

Application and Enrollment Steps: Current and Returning Students

If you are a current student, please go directly to My Western to enroll for a Winter Session course.

Enrollment Steps for a new student:

  1. Print this page to have these instructions to follow.
  2. Go to the WOSC Application for Admission Link, click create an account. If you have submitted an application for the Fall 2023 semester, you do not need to submit another one. It will take approximately 24 hours for your application to process before you can enroll.
  3. Go to My Western to enroll.
  5. Click on Winter Session and the department for the desired course you wish to enroll. Click on List Courses to show the available courses.
  6. Click ADD and it will enroll you in that course. (Remember you can only enroll in one Winter Session course).
  7. Click on REVIEW/PAY ACCOUNT. Click on SUBMIT to generate your bill.
  8. Scroll to the bottom of your bill and click on the desired payment option. Follow the instructions for the payment option you choose to complete the transaction. (Remember, you should pay when you enroll).
  9. While you are in CampusConnect, go to Student Information and then to Demographic Data. Scroll to the bottom of the demographic data page to find your Online username and password.
  10. LOGIN to the ONLINE CLASSROOM with your Online username and password to access and begin your coursework.
  11. Complete the Transcript Request form immediately to speed up processing of your paperwork.
  12. Email your instructor if you have any questions or problems with the course.

Students wishing to enroll in these classes will need the following:

  1. Access to the internet

  2. A valid email address

  3. Motitvation and will to complete the necessary work in a rigorous academic course

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