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Winter Session

Degree Programs & Advisors

WesternWestern Oklahoma State College awards the following degrees and certificates to those students who successfully complete the educational program plans approved to be offered at the institution. We encourage each student to speak with an advisor to utilize all forms of course offerings (16 week, 8 week, 21 day, online, blended, face-to-face, etc) to complete their degree in the most convienent way possible!




Degree ProgramDegree Type
Biology Associate in Science
Mathematics Associate in Science
Liberal Arts Associate in Arts
Music Associate in Arts
Behavioral Science Associate in Arts
Social Science Associate in Arts
Religion Associate in Arts
Agricultural Science Associate in Science
Early Childhood Associate in Science
Health, Physical Education and Recreation Associate in Science
Physical & Engineering Sciences Associate in Science
Business Administration Associate in Science
Aviation Mechanic Associate in Applied Science
Child Development Associate in Applied Science
Professional Pilot Associate in Applied Science
Nursing Associate in Applied Science
Agriculture Business Option Associate in Science
Pre-Veterinary Option Associate in Science
Military Studies Associate in Applied Science
Criminal Justice Associate in Applied Science
Criminal Justice - Corrections Option Associate in Applied Science
Child Development Assistant (Certificate) Certificate
Farm & Ranch Management (Certificate) Certificate
Infants & Toddlers (Certificate) Certificate
Infants & Toddlers Associate in Science