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feature_authenticNo matter how you prep for the ACT - whether you have a tutor, take a class, or study by yourself - you must get access to official ACT tests. These tests are released by the ACT and contain real questions given to real students at previous test dates. These questions have been removed from circulation (so you won't ever see the questions on a real test), but their quality is second to none when it comes to ACT realism.

In this post, I'll tell you how to find all the official ACT practice tests available. Most of them are free and a good way to get your feet wet with ACT prep. We'll also discuss how to best use these tests to improve your ACT score.


Free Full-Length ACT Practice Tests

These tests are totally free. We've gathered together all of them in one place for your convenience.

ACT Free Online Sample Test

This test format can be a little clunky to use, but it's convenient and online. Click on each section on the left, and click the answer choice to see the answer response. To keep the timing realistic, I recommend that you work on the answers on paper, then check them one by one in your web browser.


ACT Practice Test 2014-15 (Form 67C)

ACT Practice Test 2011-12 (Form 64E)

ACT Practice Test 2008-09 (Form 61C)

ACT Practice Test 2005-06 (Form 59F)

Notice a few years missing? That's because the ACT duplicates the same test in different years. For example, the 2013-14 test is identical to the 2014-15 test. We've included the Form ID with each test so that you can confirm it for yourself (you can see this in the bottom left of each page on the test).


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